Tuesday, February 24, 2009

5 Questions with Dale Dreiling

Dale Dreiling is definitely an individual. He once told me that his art was "urban". Naturally I would have to agree because I usually run into him drinking wine from the bottle, in a paper bag. He's moved up and down the west coast, searching for the best spot to dwell. For one art installment a couple of years ago, he did a series of Bill Murray paintings, that's right ghost bustin ass, Bill Murray. He's also been known to use money as a theme for some of his work, along with hobos, condemned buildings, and Richard Pryor. Apparently he likes to read too.

1. Whats the best "art-city" on the west coast, and why?

Los Angeles.

More so than whether its the best art city on the west coast or not, I like living here more than any place I've ever lived. I'm not living the ideal life yet, but since living here, I feel I've produced the work thats most true to what I have been striving for, creatively.

2. What makes good art?

Two Charles Bukowski quotes:

"To do a dull thing with style, now THAT'S what I call art"

"Bad taste creates many more millionaires than good taste."

3. If you had a time machine, where/when would you go?

I don't really know, I'm pretty happy to be where I'm at in time and space. Not everything's perfect, but this sums up how I feel: Our past makes us who we are, all we have is right now, and I have hope for the future. You should check out Chuck Palahniuk's RANT, it's about time travel.

4. What was a highlight of 2008?

The Entrance Band show at the Wicked Shamrock in Lompoc.

5. Has there ever been a time when you reconsidered being an artist?

Reconsider being an artist, no. If it’s part of who you are, it would be hard to pretend that it’s not there. More than a few times, though, I’ve needed to take a time out. Not from actual art making, but from the business side of the art world. If that was the question, then the answer would be yes.

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