Monday, March 2, 2009

5 Questions with Joshua Redman

Josh, Joshua, Hosh, Hoshwa, call him what you will. He's got just about as many names for each hat that he can proudly wear. As host of 5...4...3...2...FUN! a radio show on 91.9 KCSB FM in Santa Barbara, he spins the kind of pop most people would have never expected to hear on the air waves.

Last year he started up SBDIY, promoting the best underground shows all across the county. When he's not too busy making sure the population surrounding UCSB is experiencing enough cuteness, he also tours the country with his sister, Rebecca, as they perform her songs under the moniker Watercolor Paintings. If Josh and his beard are dancing, chances are you are too.

1. What is the worst part of hosting your own radio show?

Oh this is a little hard. Obviously there are more best parts than worst parts. This might be silly, but not being able to go to show shows on Thursday night is the worst! Thursdays at 10pm is probably the best time for the show to be, but sometimes I have to miss shows I want to go to, or leave them early. Everything else is the best!

2. What was your favorite song of 2008?

I've never been good at making top lists or picking favorites. Maybe 'Lindy' off of the L.A.K.E. tape. I've only listened to that song while driving, and the speakers in the car are very poor quality, but I really really like that song. Or maybe this song that my friend Mallory wrote that might be called 'We Sing Our Hearts Out.' Hmmm or maybe, 'Blanket' by Glass Cake. You know what, Girl Band, as a whole, was probably my favorite song of 2008. Yah.

3. If you could be any animal, living or extinct, what would it be and why?

Well not a bird for sure. I hate anything that flies. I mean, I'm jealous of anything that flies. And not a water animals because I don't really like the water. I've never been good at answering this question either. Something real hairy I guess. A bear of gorilla or something. A bear-gorilla.

4. What was the first album you bought with your own money?

Ummmm I think it was probably a ska cd. I have no idea. You know what, it was probably The Fury of The Aquabats! Haha yes!

5. If California
was destroyed by an earthquake, where would you move to?

Wait, would I not be destroyed with it? Maybe I'd rather be destroyed with it? I try not to think in hypotheticals, but if for some reason I survived said earthquake, I would live on a boat. That would be nice. I wouldn't have to live in any one place, and if the place I was at at the time was destroyed, I could move on. Easy. Maybe I'll do that someday anyway...

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