Monday, March 23, 2009

5 Questions with Britt Govea of (((folkYEAH!)))

Britt Govea is a real dude. He and (((folkYEAH!))) present shows like the ones you heard about happening in the good old days of rock n roll. California has since been taken over by bullshit in many regards, but next time you let that get you down, go see the Beachwood Sparks play at the Henry Miller Library. You soon remember the magic of this vast state and all it's treasures. Britt often comes to mind whenever I think of Big Sur and some of the best concerts I have ever attended.

1. How did you get started with (((folkYEAH!)))?

The first (((folkYEAH!))) event was a weekend of Superwolf (Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney) shows in January. 2005. After that, I thought why not more live music in Big Sur and other awesome rural locations. Then the true love became curating unique billings in various locations form Henry Miller Library (one of the best spots on earth!) in Big Sur to larger events @ GAMH in SF and beyond.

2. What is the best show you've ever seen?

Wow, so many come to mind but perhaps Bonnie 'Prince' Billy @ Henry Miller Library in Oct. 2007 or Bob Dylan @ The Santa Cruz Civic in March 2000 or Merle Haggard @ Crystal Palace right after his bout with cancer.

All were unbeatable on many levels but who could deny Cluster @ Farmlab in LA, or Entrance Band in Big many, so many. It is best to just live in the musical moment and enjoy it while you are in it and then move on down the line.

3. If you were forced to choose between a house with a beautiful view and no land, or a house with land but absolutely no view, what would you choose?

I'll take the view because I am a dreamin' man so I need the inspiration.

4. What was the last music you overheard that made you ask, "who is that?

The Durutti Column who my very good friend Matt Baldwin turned me onto.

5. Who are your heroes?

Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Leonard Cohen, Konrad "Conny" Plank, Bob, that's a lot of heroes. Perhaps they are not heroes but more people with whom I have had a prolonged respect/admiration for in the sometimes fickle world of music. I admire people that do what they feel and move forward as such without restraint. That said, Tom Waits, David Berman, Neil Young and Will Oldham should be saluted too.

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