Monday, March 16, 2009

5 Questions with Deepakalypse

Is Deepakalypse a musician whose love for music has leaded him to travel the planet? Or, is he a born traveler who’s found himself in music along the journey? For having known him for the better part of over 15 years, I’d have to say that he is both, a tangled combination of the two.

If you asked him these questions, you might get an answer like, “I don’t know…I’m a Gemini.” He’d then probably laugh a bit and change the topic over to where he’s headed to next. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, New Orleans, New York, Paris, Caracas, Wellington, back to Ventura…anywhere is fair game.

His songwriting style combines loose jazz-punk guitar melodies with philosophical lyrics that serve more as questions and metaphorical reflections rather than a preached truth. Sometimes accompanied by as little as a drum machine or as much as a 4-piece band, you will never hear him play the same song the same way twice. He just plugs in and plays. Whatever happens, happens.

His style sums up a mixture of personal narrative and poetic observations of the world that seem to pull people in, no matter what their perceived musical tastes are. He’s played kitchens, coffee shops, dive bars and wine bars where he’s had the hip-hop heads, rockers, hessians, hipsters, hippie moms, soccer moms, intellectuals and even a rogue republican or two feeling the greatness of the moment that they’ve found themselves in.

So, try to track him down. Run to where he’s playing next if you can keep up. Or, sit and wait if you have the patience. Either way, he’s probably booking a show in your city, town or village at this very moment. Just be on the lookout for an 80’s Mercedes Benz that smells like french fries.

1. For Deepakalypse, what’s more important, the music or the message?

The music is more important than the message. I like to have messages in my songs but music doesn't have to, really. I do want to make people think but I also want people to be able to forget about life's bullshit and have a good time and dance.

2. What is the one globetrotting experience that you wish you could share with everyone like they were there with you?

The globetrotting experience that I’d like to share with everyone would be my trip to France for sure. It was just a fun 3 weeks and I got to play a lot around town. My friends Francois and Nicolas took good care of me and it was just a great experience all together. Great clubs and people and the city is beautiful.

3. If life is a bus, are we driving or are we passengers? What stop do you want to be let off at, or will you ride till the end of the line?

We are definitely driving the bus! We all have choices even when we think we don't. I rule my destiny just like you rule yours, and she hers, and he his. I guess I’ll get off when I feel its time...

4. Not many people outside of your general vicinity would probably know this but; you’ve been involved in the alternative/renewable/sustainable fuel industry (primarily for automobiles) for quite some time now. Can you explain to the average person a little of the: who, what, when, where, how and why of this…and how it could relate to their life?

Right now when it comes to alternative fuel it usually requires a person who likes to tinker with stuff and work on things like cars and such. I’m one of those people so I got involved in veggie oil stuff a few years ago. I went in over my head but got out without any crazy lawsuits or injuries, luckily.

I still drive veggie but am more interested in using electricity and water to make something called HHO. It works really good with gas cars which, is what we have more of, way more of so it’s getting exciting cause we don’t need to get some oily fuel that’s all dirty. We can just use water as an additive to the gas we get to buy so conveniently at the corner.

5. Ok, so…in your songs, you've spit on a window and you've spit in the face of a general. Don't get me wrong, that's cool but...what's up with that? Also, what are you going to spit on next?

Well actually I didn’t really like that spitting on a window part so I tend to say "a brick through your window.” I know its lame to change lyrics after they've been recorded but who cares.

I’ve been spitting on the ground lately cause I bought a bag of sunflower seeds for the trip that I’m on and I like to pack them like tobacco in one cheek and then split them in my mouth and save the shells on the other side. I roll down the window and spit them out the window so I don’t spit on the window like I did in my past. So it does make sense!

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